"I trained at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and for the past 47 years have been a professional actor working in Theatre, Television and Films as well as being a recognised Voice-Over-Artiste, majoring in Documentary Narration.

A few years ago I was invited to paint a picture to be auctioned for charity...ergo I purchased a box of acrylic paints, a couple of brushes & a small canvas, then for the first time since my schooldaysI began to paint again and was hooked...within the year I had opened my own gallery called ArtEscape in Brighton's Kemptown Village.

I work in various styles e.g. my seascapes have a strong Turner influence, whilst my landscapes have more to do with the Dutch school and my highly colourful interiors, are painted in what I call my 'naive Matisse style'.

I always try and make whatever I do in life into a happy adventure and I've been lucky...most of the time!

My pictures tell is up to the 'audience' to decide what they are saying.