More images from a series of original works by Gerard M Burns

For those coming to Gerard’s work for the first time it is worth taking into account we are presented with an image which could be described as representational, even photographic. Whether it is a still life with scallions or wooded areas near where he lives, each combination is intended to provoke in us an ‘emotional response’, a sense of place, a feeling almost that we “have been here before".

Gerard's solo show with continues throughout May and June.

Should you wish to view paintings in person or via video link, please feel free to contact the gallery and we will be happy to assist you.

Treescape No. 5 - original oil painting - 120cm x 120cm - £14,500

Still Life with Scallions - original oil painting - 50cm x 50cm - £2,500

Behind Croy Hill - original oil painting - 70cm x 70cm - £3,750

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