Oil on Board/Oil on Canvas

Tom Sutton-Smith grew up in Scotland and attended Edinburgh College of Art.

Before moving to Canada in 1981, to find new challenges, he pursued a career in advertising with Scotland’s leading agencies. After a successful career in advertising in Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg, as an art director and creative director, Tom decided to fulfill a lifelong ambition by painting full-time.

Repatriated in Scotland he works mainly in oil on canvas, on a broad range of subjects including portrait commissions. His work is exhibited in galleries throughout  Scotland and Canada.

An appreciation by a collector.

"The allure of Tom's paintings is in the way he encapsulates 'momentariness' in his landscapes. The landscape image conveys the shape of human and geological forces acting over enormous stretches of time, to produce an unchanging set of features, and at the same time makes us notice just how fleeting is our take on what we see. The art is in showing the fleeting and the enduring as separable but at the same time, integrated features of what we see as it lies before us.

Tom's paintings show how enjoyment of a landscape can be disconnected from its ownership, one which deepens the viewer's appreciation of what is there to be seen and is accessible to all. Tom's art, in that great tradition of perceptual enrichment, helps us find a way of being at peace with what surrounds us." 

Asparagus On The Table 40x40cm oil on ca